Brian Bates


In 2015, the Beard On/Off campaign raised $2801.67 for the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

It's been two years - I still have a beard, and people are still homeless in our city. Let's join together again and raise funds to help support the Victoria Cool Aid Society with their mission to end homelessness in Victoria, BC.

Some things are the same, while others are different. The beard is of course longer. The cause is the same. Except this time I'm joined by my two good friends: Nicholas Johnson and Braeden Papp, both of whom are sporting glorious beards of their own. They are willing to put their chins on the line along with me in supporting this great cause, and for that they have my endless admiration. And so, this second campaign was born and I can't think of two better gentlemen to have at my side through it all. We are hoping that with your generosity we can raise even more money this year!

The campaign will run for six weeks, through til January 13th. As was the case last time, I ask you to vote - Beard On, or Beard Off. Visit either of our websites, or and donate. Check us out on Facebook (that's right, we have a Facebook page this year!), share our campaign with everybody you know. This will not be successful unless we get lots of people involved. Many of you made it happen two years ago, and I still find myself touched by your generosity.

Now more than ever, the issue of homelessness in our city is significant and heartbreaking. I firmly believe that a society such as Cool Aid helps in countless ways, helping those who are struggling to overcome homelessness by providing shelters, food, clothing, and help finding work. Perhaps more than ever though, they assist those who have lost more than many of us can ever fathom, and help to restore little pieces of humanity in those people one piece at a time.

So I ask you to help myself, Nick, Braeden, and the Cool Aid Society. Help us provide for those who feel they are beyond it. Lets prove them wrong.

Much love,


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